spanking drawing from ladies home journal Ladies Home Journal, the venerable (begun 1883) and respected publication, is not exactly the first place we'd have thought to look for spanking material. In fact, we cannot positively confirm that it is the source of this illustration, believed to be from the 1930's based on the wide-shouldered, double-breasted style of the man's jacket. (The style of the woman's dress should be a clue also, but we don't know much about women's fashions from the days before we were old enough to girl-watch. By the way, if you want a concise guide to the history of men's fashions, try Esquire. ) There is a caption that we think reads "I never in my life was so mad", which is why we called this an illustration, although we do not have the story, if any, which it originally accompanied. The woman looks more embarassed than angry, so perhaps the story was told from the man's point of view. Fairly good OTK positioning, although no one has a body as long and thin as this woman! That this would appear in so mainstream a publication is further proof of how acceptable the spanking of a woman by a man was during this era.
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