Leg Show Spanking

repairman spanks woman OTK on sofa

posted by the Web-Ed 04/23/2010

This one used to be on the Home Page, but when we recently received additional photos belonging to the same series from one of our readers, Douglas E. Milburn, we decided to move them all over here. Originally, we had thought this first photo to be a Shadow Lane video still, but then Tony Elka over at Shadow Lane told us it wasn't but that it might have come from Taboo magazine or Leg Show. Later, Master M. was able to confirm that it had indeed come from Leg Show, the story line involving a yuppie mouthing off to a repair man.

woman bent over a sofa receives a stroke of the cane

The two photos sent by Douglas are of much better quality than the first one, which we had found years ago. In this second shot, the spanking continues, although we like her expression in the previous one better. At least she's still pretending it hurts.

woman bent over a sofa receives a stroke of the cane

In this frame, the repairman has been distracted by something - he needs to be focussing more on her bottom. Instead of trying to fix her heel, he should be fixing her attitude with some further spanks!

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