cowgirl spanking from old western

Here we have a movie still sent to us by Michael in which a cowgirl feels the sting of the rawhide. He provides the following narrative:

"This cowgirl has been a very naughty girl indeed. She ran away to the circus when she should have been at college and Pop looks mighty angry. And just look at the expression on her face - amazement and horror at the realization that she's not too big to be put over her father's knee and have her bottom spanked. And doesn't that shapely bottom of hers make an excellent target?"

We have identified this still as coming from The Cowcatcher's Daughter (1931). Unlike those phony spanking stills from films with no real spanking, in this movie Marjorie Beebe is indeed strapped by Andy Clyde, and the scene goes on for so long we have to suspect the screenwriter was genuinely into spanking. You can find the whole thing here in Chross Movie Data Base . There's even a moment in which the father, after stroke #35, asks "Where was I?" and the daughter answers, "A hundred and fifty." Recognizing the lie, the father insists "Now you will get 150, plus 10 more for fibbing." Sounds like this dialogue was written by someone with a true understanding of the brat/disciplinarian dynamic!

Mostly we're not too fond of old movie spankings, because while interesting as evidence of the contemporary acceptability of spanking, they are generally less erotic and emotionally charged than the better spanking videos of today. But this one is so good that as long as the scene was, we wish it had gone on a while longer!

Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/12/2009

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