Luann nerd spanking by Kevin Karstens and Bawdy Bard

posted by the Web-Ed 02/19/2010

So, what would happen if one "nerd" spanked another? That is the burning question (and it's not all that's burning here!) answered by this cartoon in which the spankee resembles a reasonably well-known comic-strip character. She requests more velocity, which is the technical way of saying "Harder!" We find this a little embarrassing, since we have written an article on paddles in which we explore the effects that changing a paddle's mass and velocity have on the spankee. Hope that's not mistaken for nerdishness! (But maybe we should hold off on sharing our recent calculations on the effect of drilling holes in the paddle, just so no one gets the wrong idea).

Now would be a good time to say a little more about the creative team behind this cartoon. Kevin Karstens, the prolific artist who has created many non-spanking erotic cartoons as well, drew this one from an idea by Bawdy Bard. Now, it doesn't take much to get BB started - almost any comic strip or TV animation will immediately suggest a dozen salacious gags to him, many involving spanking - and he has entrusted a number of these ideas to Karstens. These are invariably erotic, consensual spankings, for non-consensuality among the participants is a line BB absolutely refuses to cross. Karstens draws in a recognizably "cartoon" style (as opposed to, say, photo-realistic), but his figures always have realistic proportions which, we think, make his style more suited to erotic content than it would if he employed the anatomical exaggeration of the caricaturist. His use of irregularly-shaped borders to frame his cartoons is a distinctive trait, as is his unusual modesty in not signing his work. This last has caused more than a few admiring spankos to wonder "Who drew this?" when they encounter one of these works, which have turned up here and there over the years.

We will be featuring more from the Karstens/Bard team in the weeks to come, mainly in the Comics Gallery. You can also find more of Kevin Karstens on his website.

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