Nerd gets revenge by spanking

The Revenge of the Nerd by Patron E. Hall, posted by the Web-Ed 02/12/2010.

This second example of nerd spanking is completely different from the fun and games we saw in the first. The artist, Patron E. Hall, named it "Revenge of the Nerd", and depicted his "nerd" (complete with eyeglasses and pocket protector) giving a good OTK spanking to an attractive but bitchy-looking girl, presumably avenging some slight or indignity. This is not exactly a consensual spanking, except perhaps in the most technical sense if, for instance, the spankee had gotten herself in a fix and was willing to accept one from the spanker in return for some much-needed assistance. This raises certain ethical questions, and we've gone into them at some length on the Bulletin Board here.

We won't repeat what we said there, but we're going to come down firmly on the side of our "nerd" spanker here. It is a tribute to Hall's skill that the spankee's bitchy personality comes across so plainly that we can well imagine she's earned this spanking, and we say, "Let justice be done!" The spanker-nerd is wearing a grim expression, but he's probably thinking, "Revenge is sweet!"  And indeed it is!

Nerd gets revenge by spanking (altered version)

A French artist whose name escapes us now made a couple of alterations to Hall's original work. The spanker-nerd's grim expression, noted above, has been changed to a smile, and the spankee's panties have been taken down. Perhaps he intended to represent a later stage of the same spanking. We think these alterations are both in good taste, but of course we don't know what Hall would have thought of them.

We mentioned Hall's skill in conveying the spankee's expression, which we find especially impressive given the artist's youth. Facial expressions are difficult, but Hall was always up to the task. His lines are clean and graceful as well. We have seen a lot of spanking artwork by young artists in the past couple of years, but we're not sure any of them have proved quite his technical equal. The sad thing is that Hall seems to have largely withdrawn from the spanking art scene - the last entries in his blog date from 2007, and he hasn't made more than a handful of posts on the Artastic Forum since that time either. If we find out any more about Hall, we'll let you know.

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