Paddle with Newt Gingrich's Face We pride ourselves in knowing a whole lot about paddles, but until we saw an excerpt from the movie Tell Me About It on Dan Rivera's Cinema Swats compilation, we had never before seen one with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich's face on it. Nor can we say we have seen one since.
Aiming the Newt Paddle In this scene, a senator of unknown party affiliation wearing only his jockey shorts prepares to apply the Newt paddle where it will do the most good. The woman soon to be on the receiving end doesn't exactly seem to be dreading the coming swat. Can you imagine a politician engaging in such scandalous conduct?
Paddle with Newt Gingrich's Face As the swat is applied, the blonde says, "Oh yes, senator, teach me a lesson in fiscal responsibility!" For the life of us, we can't figure out whether this scene was intended to favor Republicans or Democrats. Maybe the screenwriter intended to ridicule both parties equally. Whatever the movie's merits as a political satire, we can't quarrel with the idea of seeing a nice-looking blonde take a good paddling.
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