Paula Meadows Must Touch Her Toes for the Paddle!

Lovely Paula touches her toes for the paddle The lovely and talented Paula Meadows, herself the editor of the late (but not forgotten) Februs magazine, touches her toes while awaiting the paddle. Paula is probably the finest artist around who specializes in CP drawings, and here at the CSR editorial offices has been voted "The woman we would most like to cane." We will reproduce this photo and discuss the position further in our Articles section, but for now we have only two comments: (1) the paddle seen here was actually applied to the target during this photoshoot, and (2) magnificent!

03/26/2010 Update: We recently found this improved, uncropped version of the picture with which we replaced the old one, as well as a couple more photos from the same shoot which we have added below. Great moment of impact shot, although we wish her hands were even lower as they were in the b & w photo. It doesn't look like a particularly hard swat, but we'd bet that Paula felt it!

Lovely Paula touches her toes for the paddle

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