Paula Meadows #5 - Caned on Stage!

woman bent over holding ankles on stage about to get a stroke of the cane

posted by the Web-Ed 04/16/2010

This one sizzles! As we've mentioned before, Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) sometimes models female characters on herself. What we didn't mention, but is now obvious, is that Paula has a definite exhibitionistic streak, perhaps dating from her early days as an actress. Most women, even those into spanking, would probably rather die than assume the position Paula does here: bending over with hands on ankles, legs apart, bottom bared, on stage and facing away from the audience so they can see everything! And on top of this humiliation, she's going to get six of the best ("She felt the cold tip of his rattan") - delicious!

If it's any consolation to the spankee, it doesn't seem like the audience is too large, which is strange - if we heard that a caning was to take place on stage, that's a performance we wouldn't miss. On the other hand, if that's a T.V. camera in the background, the audience will get quite an eyeful and the program's Nielsen ratings will go through the roof! But the spankee seems pretty cool with it.

Paula wisely chose the holding ankles position (accentuated by having the spankee wear heels, which makes her bend over further) because it maximizes the spankee's exposure, presentation, and humiliation, which is at the core of this drawing. We've mentioned her figure drawing, but she also offers fairly detailed backgrounds, as we see here with all those theatre seats. Paula obviously has no trouble picturing herself in this spankee's place, and (our test of a spanking drawing's eroticism) we certainly have no trouble picturing ourselves in the MC's place, laying the rattan across the target!

This drawing originally appeared in the Paula-edited Februs magazine, issue unknown, probably during the 90's.

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