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Paula Meadows Assumes the Editorial Position

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cover of Februs #22

Paula bending over with head up and back arched on the cover of Februs #22. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/27/2011

For the penultimate episode in this series devoted to Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell), we have some items sent to us by Douglas E. Milburn supplemented by some of our own scans from Februs #22 (1997). (For more from this issue, see last time's "Managing Mrs. Burton".) Here is the cover, featuring Paula dressed as a French Maid (Oooo La La!) assuming the position, and with her head up, too!

We'll mention again here that Februs was a good mag, edited by Paula, and contained many of her spanking drawings.

page 35 of Februs #22

(Left) Same nice position, but this time Paula's panties have been lowered. If you look carefully, you'll see that three light strokes of the cane have indeed been applied to Paula's posterior!

(Top Right) Carolyn, playing the lady of the house, prepares to cane her naughty maid Paula.

(Middle Right) Paula uses the experience to produce a period piece. There was a time when maids were indeed occasionally disciplined.

(Bottom Right) Carolyn applies the cane!

Paula caned together with Carolyn

Paula caned by the Janus editor along with Carolyn. It is interesting to note Carolyn's observation that Paula was naturally submissive and played this role more easily than the dominant one.

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