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Paula Meadows Caned by the Janus Editor

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We conclude this series devoted to Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) with what we think is Part 2 of "The Editorial Position", sent to us by Douglas E. Milburn.

paula meadows gets the cane across her derriere

Paula in position. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/03/2011

Paula looks a little nervous as the Janus editor makes his plans for her known.

Paula apparently later used this picture as a model for one of her drawings (inset).

paula meadows gets the cane across her derriere

These are actually our favorite Paula caning photos because her position is so good - head up, back arched, and bottom turned up to meet the cane! Although seldom used, kneeling on hands and knees is a practical position. The only thing we would change is to place some protective padding under the knees (also good for sitting upon later).

We enhanced this version slightly. If you look closely, you'll see from the impact wave that Paula has just received a light stroke. Hope she got other, harder strokes later!

paula meadows gets the cane across her derriere

Here is a color version. One of the strange things about Janus publications is that there would typically be only one color photo among a set, and invariably it wouldn't be the best-composed one, which was a pity since we find color far more erotic than black & white. Sure enough, Paula's position isn't quite as good here - her hips have been lowered, thighs no longer vertical, and back not quite as well arched. Still, it's a very nice pose, and we can easily imagine ourselves delivering twelve of the best squarely on that delightful target!

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