Paula Meadows #2 - Joy Through Pain

woman bent over a sofa receives a stroke of the cane

posted by the Web-Ed 03/26/2010

Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) has featured a variety of spanking implements in her work, but the cane must hold a special place in her heart since it appears most often. In our second entry in this series, we have an unusual caning set-up, with the woman bending over the end of the couch while her wrists are held in place by a "friend". You can see the cane being applied in the reflection of a strategically-placed mirror, thus allowing us to view both the cane's impact and the reaction on her face at the same time. This is a neat way of solving the spanking artist's central dilemma: do I focus more on the face or the fanny? It's somewhat difficult to pull off, however, which is why you don't see many artists who are willing to attempt it.

Paula draws the human figure very well (one of the more difficult problems facing any artist). The only others who come to mind as being in the same class are the Americans Brian Tarsis and Andy Price, and the Italians Manara and Serpieri (the latter not really a spanking artist as he only drew one "spanker"). She also conveys the inner feelings of the spankee effectively, something about which we'll have more to say when we examine other examples of her work.

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