Paula Meadows #3 - Maid For The Day

woman bent over a caning bench receives a stroke of the cane

posted by the Web-Ed 04/02/2010

Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) gives us another fine caning illustration. This time, a caning bench is employed. It seems to be of a fairly traditional A-frame trestle design which we believe is similar to ones used for caning and birching throughout the British Empire (when there still was such a thing). Our personal preference would be for one which kept the legs vertical, and we have seen some like that (not historical example) - in fact, we keep meaning to design our own. In any case, this style of bench is certainly practical, making it easy for the man to apply the cane (because the geometry allows the cane to be applied at a slightly downward angle, instead of level as would be required if the spankee's legs were vertical). No doubt the spankee would agree, and inform us that it wasn't quite so easy for her!

As we mentioned last time, Paula draws the human figure very well. The female figure here also shows great elegance, something that Paula often strove for in her work. A three-quarter view is used, in our judgment the best compromise in allowing us to see both the face and the fanny of the spankee without resorting to mirrors (an example of which we saw last time).

A final Paula characteristic seen here is that this is a "moment of impact" shot, with effect lines and a facial expression that indicate this stroke was well laid on! The appeal for us, and we think for Paula, is that in precisely this moment we see the female's submission consummated - and it is certain that Paula's identification with her female subject here was strong indeed, and based on her own familiarity with the stinging kiss of the rod!

This drawing originally appeared in Februs magazine, which Paula edited. We think it was the September 1995 issue.

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