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Managing Mrs. Burton, by Paula Meadows

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paula meadows mrs burton gets a stroke with the cane

"Grip the front legs, feet well apart, bottom right out." Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/20/2011

Next in this series devoted to Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) we have another item sent to us by Douglas E. Milburn. As it happens, we were already familiar with this one because we have a copy of Februs #22 (1997) which Paula edited and from which it was taken. This is an illustration from the story "Managing Mrs. Burton". The plot is simple: a large Japanese company sends misbehaving workers (typically secretaries) to an English gentleman for some old-fashioned discipline. Paul, our disiplinarian, is a little puzzled that an apparently mid-level employee in her middle years would be sent to him, but administers a spanking and caning anyway since that's his job. What he doesn't know yet is that Mrs. Burton is in fact not a mid-level employee but a senior manager who has contrived to have herself disciplined without anyone at the firm being the wiser! Now that's our kind of feminism!

Moving on to the drawing, Paula gives us a still-attractive middle-aged spankee whose submission is evident (and so is that bulge in Paul's pants - Paula's no prude!). The effect lines and facial expression make it clear that Mrs. Burton really feels the stroke, which is no surprise since it's the fourth and is received on an already-hairbrushed bottom. "Every cut produced a shriek" the narrative informs us as we enjoy looking at the perfectly-positioned cane, and recall that Paula knows exactly what Mrs. Burton is feeling from her own personal experience, as we'll see next time...

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