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paula meadows maid cropped over rocking horse paula meadows maid cropped over rocking horse

For the second in our series of items sent to us by Douglas E. Milburn devoted to Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) we have this most unusual scene. Set in a nursery, a maid is placed on a toy rocking horse and given the riding crop by what appears to be an officer of the Royal Navy, while three other men watch. Told you it was unusual!

Four figures is a lot of drawing. This must have been an illustration of some story, perhaps in Februs magazine, and we like it even though the crop is our least-favorite implement and we never use a seated spanking position. That is, we may be seated, but not the spankee - it doesn't present or expose her bottom sufficiently!

We don't know who did the animated version, but it works rather nicely.

Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/15/2011

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