Paula Meadows #1 - A Double Caning

woman bent over the bench reacts to a stroke of the cane

posted by the Web-Ed 03/19/2010

Lynn Paula Russell, better known in spanking circles as Paula Meadows, is one of the foremost spanking artists of our time. Her drawings are done in finely-shaded pencils that are instantly recognizable, and have appeared in many different venues, beginning with Janus and Februs magazines over in England. We have seen her work in these pages before, but in altered form, for example in Doc Cylon's Gallery here and here. It is long past time, therefore, that we take a closer look at Paula's work in its original format.

Let's begin with this nice double caning that takes place in an unknown setting - perhaps a British CP club, since there are two separate spanking benches in view and the caning in the background is being photographed. The more we look at this one the better we like it, especially the foreground caning - the woman is well bent-over with a nicely-arched back and an expression that shows she clearly feels the latest stroke as it's applied. Paula often emphasizes the moment of impact by drawing effect lines where the cane meets the target, as we see here. Although we've never had the pleasure of caning her ourselves, you may rest assured that Paula well knows from personal experience exactly what it feels like to be in that young lady's position!

The location this drawing first appeared is unknown. Paula has also done a lot of non-spanking erotic art, including the Kama Sutra and The Story of O, which you can find and purchase on her site The Erotic Art of Lynn Paula Russell.

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