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Third in our series of items sent to us by Douglas E. Milburn devoted to Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) is this one which he scanned from the original two-page spread and which we pasted back together into a single image. Set in the Sir Oswald Tibbs Grammar School for Girls, the spankee here appears to be not a student but one of the teachers!

We're not quite sure what room in the school this is supposed to be. It doesn't look like the headmaster's office, and our first thought was that it was the gymnasium. But if that equipment the spankee is bent over is a flogging block as we believe and not a vaulting horse, the room may be reserved for punishment purposes. In any case, she's presenting a good target for the tawse, and we can't help noticing a cane nearby should it be needed. The tawse is a pretty severe implement, however, being made usually of rather heavy leather and being split into two or three tails that seem to amplify its effects. Judging by her expression, the spankee is more than willing to experience this form of discipline!

paula meadows teacher getting the tawse

Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/06/2011

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