Paula Meadows #4 - The Reckoning

woman bent over a caning bench receives a stroke of the cane

posted by the Web-Ed 04/09/2010

Another good "moment of impact" caning, this time F/F. We're not sure if those uniforms belong to Police Women or Wrens, but in any case, good order and discipline must be maintained. And there's no better way to do that than with a cane across the bare buttocks!

You don't see the over-the-desk variant of the bending over position used often, but it does work very well. It may be our favorite of the bent-over positions, and we have used it ourselves when possible. (Note: if you're using a paddle, be sure to position the spankee at the left end of the desk, assuming you are right-handed. This is necessary so that you can position your left foot far enough forward. The cane's greater length allows the spankee to be positioned further in.) The spankee gets plenty of support, and the Top gets a convenient target for the paddle or cane. Judging from the expression on her face, this last stroke looks like it was a good one!

In her M/F work, Paula (Lynn Paula Russell) has sometimes been known to draw herself on the receiving end, but occasionally in her F/F drawings she casts herself in the dominant role, and it's Paula we see wielding the cane here.

This drawing originally appeared in the Paula-edited Februs magazine, we think Issue #13 from 1996.

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