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paula meadows submissive girl gets the tawse

Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/13/2011

Fourth in our new series devoted to Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) is the only one not sent to us by Douglas E. Milburn - we've had this in our files for years but never posted it. That's odd, really, because in one way this is our favorite of Paula's considerable output of CP-themed drawings. Why? It's not the the position, which while well done here and certainly usable with a flexible implement like the tawse is less than ideal in our view because the legs are not vertical. Nor is it the use of the tawse, which we don't particularly favor as an implement although it will certainly get the job done. No, it's the spankee herself who is so remarkable here.

Now, Paula's spankees are always attractive even when they're middle-aged, but here Paula has given us an exceptionally beautiful young woman with a perfectly-proportioned figure, whose lovely face expresses the innocence that only youth can possess. More than that, her face and posture together also convey a uniquely feminine submissiveness - note the relaxation of the limbs as she willingly presents her buttocks to receive the strokes. This is a submissiveness that we can see and even feel, so deeply does it run inside her. To present this takes an artist of real skill, and we may surmise that Paula is projecting her own submissiveness through her spankee.

paula meadows submissive girl gets the tawse - again!

This appears to be a companion piece to the one above. We're of two minds about it - on the one hand, we like the positioning better than the first; on the other, we can't see the spankee's face as well and a strange, backhanded stroke with the tawse is employed. We can't help feeling that a left-handed stroke of the cane would have been better, although perhaps Paula felt she had done enough drawings of a similar nature and was seeking some variety with this one. Personally, we could never see enough holding-ankles canings by Paula!

As we've noted before, Paula draws the human figure extremely well, and when she uses the holding-ankles position (which we love) she knows how to maximize presentation and submission by having the spankee assume a fairly wide stance and keep her knees perfectly straight. And one advantage of having a left-handed Top as we do here is that the spankee must be positioned in such a way that right-handed Tops like us can easily imagine ourselves laying the cane across that perfectly-presented target!

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