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Prosit Neujahr (Happy New Year)

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happy new year spanking

Prosit Neujahr (Happy New Year)! From a very old German postcard, probably found at Spanking Art . Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/27/2013 (click to increase in size).

We've mentioned that some holidays inspire less spanking art than others. New Year's Day is certainly one of those holidays, but in this old German postcard, it seems to be the occasion for the use of the strap in the head-between-legs position. This is sort of a variation on what we call the spanking machine position, in which the spankee is on all fours between the spanker's legs, but with the legs closed in around the spankee's neck or shoulders, locking her head in position. Not as useful as OTK or bending the spankee over, it nonetheless does appear to have been employed from time to time, and is one way (not the best way) to restrain the spankee during her punishment.

The caption is something about your husband needing to beat out the dust when it's found where it shouldn't be, so this is a very early example of the spanking humor cartoon. The spankee's discomfiture is an important part of that humor, as it's obvious she's really feeling that strap.

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