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queen spanking snow white

Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/04/2011

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?" As long as the mirror's answer to that question was "You are," the Queen was happy. Then Snow White came into the picture and upset the apple cart, so the Queen decided to handle the problem by stuffing an apple in her mouth, serving her up on a platter like a roast pig (a symbolic gesture?), and turning her snow white bottom a lovely hue matching that of the apple by applying a kitchen spatula.

The hands-and-knees postion is used, which is quite practical as it does arch the back and turn the bottom up. An unusual way to deal with one's rival, no? But we approve, although a spatula does not make a good spanking implement. A paddle would have had less symbolic value, but it would have "served up" a much better-spanked bottom.

We like this piece despite S.W.'s too-long torso and too-short legs, but can't make out the artist's signature. While we've seen it on at least two websites and certainly believe in giving credit where due, we aren't going to provide a link to the one where we found it because some lengthy script seems to execute when we visit the page, we're not going to direct our readers to a site we don't trust to be free of malware.

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