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Rebecca Back To School Night - Mom Gets Spanked!

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teacher spanks mom on back to school parents night

Art by Rebecca. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/05/2012 (click to triple-size).

In general, although we have to deal realistically with the prevalence of the F/F orientation in spanking art we're fairly cool towards it because we really prefer the male dominant, female submissive subtext of M/F scenes. And yet, there are a few artists (mainly female) whose F/F work really grabs us. Rebecca is one of them - we've seen her work in Housewives at Play, and we'll see some more of it now.

It looks like things took an unexpected turn during Back To School Parents' Night when a strict schoolteacher brought out one mom's inner submissiveness! Rebecca put a whole lot into this one: there's the humor of the situation as a parent gets the corporal punishment usually administered to the students; there's the teacher's satisfied grin; there's Mom's obvious submission which comes as a shocking surprise to her daughter (we infer the relationship based on the physical resemblance); and there's the raised blouse and bound wrists which suggest that something more than pure discipline is going on here. And let's not forget the excellent OTK position, with the spankee's voluptuous bare bottom raised nice and high, or the stripes across it and the broken ruler that put them there. She feels it all right, and has even kicked off one of her shoes. Sizzling stuff!

teacher spanks mom on back to school parents night

Art by Rebecca; animator unknown.

Here's an animated version. The animator is unknown - it may have been Jon (Uasketcher) - but whoever he was, he did a creditable job on the action and the spankee's changing expression as she feels the ruler's sting! Its file size is a little small, though, resulting in the blurring effect when increased to the display size you see here.

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