red hot stories magazine with devil spanking on cover

posted by the Web-Ed 02/19/2010

This one's made the rounds so you may have already seen it (we found it at Vintage Spanking), but it's an interesting enough item from the past that it deserves a little more attention. We know there were spanking cartoons going back to the 1940's - 50's (and we've posted some of them in the Humor Section) that were published in various men's magazines, and we have found evidence of some all spanking-interest publications from the same era such as Spanking Positions, but what about before that time? Judging by this cover to Hot Stories (March 1930), there was already a commercially-recognized interest in spanking eighty years ago! For some reason, perhaps because he's "hot", the Devil himself is giving the spanking to a young woman who looks to us like a "flapper". At the time, it would probably have been thought by most people who had reached a certain age that spanking flappers was perfectly justified in order to correct their wild ways. (See below for a real life flapper-spanking). Notice that the girl's bloomers are very tight-fitting across the seat to simulate a bare bottom, since displaying an actual bare derriere at the newstand could have resulted in trouble with the law. From the expression on her face, we'd say this is one flapper who's pretty happy to be corrected OTK!

red hot stories magazine with devil spanking on cover A flapper feels the long arm (and firm hand) of the law in 1927.
red hot stories magazine with devil spanking on cover

Here is a different copy of the same mag that we found out on Yahoo. It's interesting that more than one copy has survived after all these years - makes you think there may have been quite a few spankos around even in 1930.

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