RHPS audience member Paddled As we mentioned in an earlier Gallery post, supposedly it is customary to haze any "virgins" in the audience at performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Here are four more examples of this fine tradition. First up, the "paddle" (really a boat oar painted black) is applied to a patron as she holds her ankles.
RHPS audience member Paddled Next up is a blonde who is bending her knees (cardinal sin). Remember, the lady being paddled must keep her knees straight, and her hands should be forward (for example on the knees, ankles, or toes) instead of behind her. She partly makes up for this by lifting her head up and arching her back, giving a nice target overall.
RHPS audience member Paddled Third, we have a lady who isn't bending over anywhere near far enough. But the big smile on her face proves she's being a good sport about getting paddled, even though it's unlikely that she's into spanking.
RHPS audience member Paddled Last up, and her bottom is raised about as high up as it could possibly be, is this charming young lady who most certainly is into spanking! There is no way that a first-time spankee would know how to assume the position so beautifully! Bending all the way over, feet wide, knees straight, hands on ankles - the position would be perfect if she were looking up and arching her back. We'll grant her a special dispensation on this last score, since the photo is improved by having her face in the picture. We'll bet she pretends to be a virgin (first-timer at a RHPS performance) just so she can get paddled! Ah, for the opportunity to give swats to a girl like this - it almost makes us wish we hadn't given up our own promising theatrical career years ago. (We closed off-Broadway - about 800 miles off).
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