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Ron Stoppable Spanks Kim Possible #4

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kim possible bueno nacho

Still extract from the Kim Possible episode "Bueno Nacho". © Disney.

We observed last time that perhaps the most natural spanker for Kim Possible is her friend Ron Stoppable. Whoever drew this one must have agreed, and must also have known the series very well, because the scene here is based on the sixth episode from the first season, "Bueno Nacho", in which Kim and Ron get jobs at the local taco stand. Ron does well and is promoted to Assistant Manager, while Kim sort of flounders.

kim possible spanked for wearing heels by ron stoppable

Kim Possible receives a good spanking from her friend and temporary boss Ron Stoppable. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/05/2014 (click to increase in size).

In this scene that never happened (but should have), Ron spanks Kim for breaking the safety rules by wearing high heels. The OTK position is somewhat off, with Kim's hips positioned so far backward gravity would tend to pull her down off Ron's lap. This is a fairly frequent positioning flaw we have seen many times before. But we do have a nice back arch and a look of surprise on Kim's face as she feels the consequences of employee discipline. The spatula makes a logical implement, although purists would no doubt prefer that Ron use his hand, and it's true that while readily available in a restaurant setting, the spatula isn't well-designed for spanking. We don't know who the artist is or even where we found this one any more.

Workplace spankings are a great fantasy, and some day we'll do an article on ones that have actually taken place.

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