Spanking in Advertising #2 - Spanked by Her Own Conscience

sanka coffee ad spanking

Our second entry in this series on the use of spanking in advertising is different than all the rest: instead of selling a product by presenting the sexy image of a man spanking a woman, here we have a woman spanked by her own conscience! Created during World War II (exact year unknown), this ad is a little obscure - from what we can make out, the woman has been using too much paper, and can't sleep from too much caffeinated coffee. Her "war conscience" tells her the solution is to switch to "97% caffein-free" Sanka. We're not sure how that ties in with paper usage, but (as usual) we're more interested in the spanking anyway. At least it seems to have been a good one - the woman says, "Ouch! Please...that hurts!"

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