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Ghost Spanks Daphne

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a ghost spanks daphne of scooby-doo

An unnamed (and unseen) ghost lifts Daphne's skirt in preparation to applying the paddle where it will do her the most good (click to double-size).

We've seen Daphne (of the Scooby-Doo gang) spanked a few times before, for example by her teammates Fred and Shaggy. This time, it's a ghost doing the honors, and we suppose that if you're a female ghost-hunter that is one of the risks of the trade. The artist's signature seems to read "O. M." but we think his name is Mr. Snow and that he's associated with JAB Comix, a cartoon porn site. (We have no interest in straight comics porn, but we do search through it occasionally in search of spankings. In this case we weren't able to uncover any more details.)

Daphne's certainly not going anywhere as the ghost has her bound and gagged and is raising her skirt to apply the paddle. We like her worried expression very much, and only wish we had either the OTK or the bending-over positions to go along with it.

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