Chicago Spanking Review

Scooby #3 - Shaggy Spanks Daphne

For our third episode of Scooby-spanking, Doctor Cylon took one of Rafaele Marinetti's bondage drawings and turned it into Scooby-Doo 3: Shaggy Strikes Back. It's amazing how well Shaggy cleaned up with a shave and a haircut, isn't it? As for Daphne - she's been needing a spanking for some time. Not only did she "force Scoob 'n me on all those spooky mysteries," she's shown a definite streak of vanity from time to time. In fact, she could use another spanking, which she'll get in our next episode ...

shaggy spanks daphne

Marinetti's drawing was originally done for, which is no longer active.

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