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Shego Spanks Kim Possible

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shego about to spank kim possible

Shego about to spank Kim Possible. Art by Rozzixx. Characters © Disney. (Click to triple-size).

We continue our Kim Possible Series with Kim herself involved for the first time: she's turned OTK by her adversary Shego, whom we have seen in every entry so far. The story here is that Shego has captured Kim's friend Ron Stoppable and will kill him unless Kim submits to a spanking! So poor Kim really has no choice but to lower her pants and turn over Shego's knee...

shego spanks kim possible

Shego spanks Kim Possible. Art by Rozzixx. Characters © Disney. (Click to triple-size).

Shego has some rather vague super-power which explains the coruscating energy around her spanking hand, and which we may infer makes the spanking hurt more. Certainly Kim's nice red bottom supports that inference.

Good OTK positioning by the artist, Rozzixx, who appears in the pages of CSR here for the first time. Rozzixx appears to be something of a rebel, having left DeviantArt when it removed some of his work. He is absolutely a true spanking artist, proclaiming that his blog is "The place where cartoons come to get their asses tanned!" He has, however, done some occasional straight porn involving cartoon characters, so be advised if you visit his blog, which sadly has gone without any new posts since Nov. 2013.

Rozzixx seems to be somewhat ambivalent about his art. On the one hand, he obviously cares about it, on the other he once said, " art sucks to be honest". We see what we think is the beginning of a modernist-influenced style in his work ("modernist" as that term is used in serious painting), and we hope he either continues to develop that style or switches to a more realistic one to increase the eroticism of his drawings. His spankees already have nice sexy bottoms, however, as can be seen here.

after shego has spanked kim possible

"Shego's bitch!" Art by Rozzixx. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/27/2014 (click to triple-size).

Kim's humiliation is complete when Shego writes "Shego's bitch!" on Kim's red rear. You'd think Shego would be satisfied with this, but no - she's going to spank Kim again next time.

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