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Shego Spanks Kim Possible

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shego spanks kim possible congolike animated

Shego spanks Kim Possible. Art by Congolike. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/04/2014

We continue our Kim Possible Series with Kim once again spanked by her adversary Shego. This is an animated drawing by Congolike, whose work has appeared many times on CSR. We can't remember where we came across it now and don't know why its size is so small (we forced it to appear larger than its actual size on this page). Despite its small size it's a very nice drawing.

"Doesn't your hand - OUCH! - hurt?" Kim asks Shego. It looks like the answer is "no" because Shego isn't stopping until Kim is a deep shade of red. The bending-over position is used, allowing Shego to take a full-armed swing - ouch! Obviously her hand should be applied squarely to Kim's bottom, not on the side, but perhaps this was a fixed drawing that was later animated.

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