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Shego Spanks Kim Possible

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shego spanks kim possible kevin karstens

Shego spanks Kim Possible. Art by Kevin Karstens. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/11/2014

We continue our Kim Possible Series with Kim spanked for the third time in a row by her adversary Shego. This time the artist is Kevin Karstens, whose work has appeared many times on CSR but usually in collaboration with Bawdy Bard. Apparently this drawing was commissioned for someone else, but we don't know whom.

Nothing fancy about this one, which again shows how Karstens can blend realism with cartoon characters, but nothing fancy was needed: good basic OTK positioning, pants taken down to reveal Kim's bare bottom, and the contrasting attitudes of Kim and Shego are quite enough to make this a very satisfying spanking drawing.

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