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© 1975 by Cameo Library, Inc. From the collection of Mike. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/10/2010

Last time we talked about spanking novels, so let's see one more which we believe has not been seen before since we just came into possession of a printed copy. "Spank Me, Daddy" is actually not too badly written, based on the two pages we looked at. Here is a brief excerpt, from a scene in which an employee agrees to accept a spanking from her boss in order to avoid criminal prosecution for theft (sound familiar?):

He took a long deep breath, and then inserted his fingers into the waistband of the nylon panties.

Joanne Thurman uttered a startled little cry: "Oh no! What are you going to do? Please, Mr. Chalmers-"

"You're going to get a spanking on your naked ass, Mrs. Thurman. It's customary, I believe, when the offense is serious, and certainly yours is."

"But my panties are so awfully thin- they- they won't be any protection- please- please don't shame me this way, Mr. Chalmers..."

He heard her groaning, and then he saw her body stiffen as she arched up her luscious, ripe hips, and at once his fingers jerked the fragile sheath down past the mounds of her assflesh and to the hollows of her dimpled knees.

And so forth, for about another nine pages, until the spanking is concluded. Her hips aren't the only thing that's ripe around here, but as we said, it's really not bad by the standards of the genre and we found it rather erotic.

The cover artist did a decent job with the figures - his pencil lines are much finer than the ones on the covers we remember - but he didn't understand proper OTK positioning, and has the spankee sliding off the spanker's lap and onto the floor. She should be positioned more forward, over the spanker's left leg. His right leg would still be against her thighs, but that way it would be locking her into position.

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