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old nymph magazine with girl in nightie bending over

Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/17/2010

There were a number of men's magazines in the 40's and 50's, Nymph apparently being among them. This was issue #6, year unknown but we'd estimate it to be in the late 50's based on the style of the nightie. What was in-between the covers we can only guess; on the front cover is this rather humorous suggestion of a spanking. We actually like the position, where our "nymph" bends over with her head up while wearing a short nightie - if her hands were just about three inches lower, it would be ideal - although instead of this funny short guy jumping up as high as he can to reach the target with a fly-swatter, we'd prefer a male model with a spanking paddle ready to apply a serious swat!

We found this one at the blog Vintage Sleaze, which occasionally features what the Humorama editors called a "spanker" (a spanking-themed cartoon) but doesn't specialize in spanking material. In fact, they're rather dismissive of spanking over there, adopting the view fashionable in certain circles that spanking is violence against women. We spankos know better, but we nonetheless appreciate their efforts in unearthing 50's "girlie" material, which is of some cultural interest although we personally wouldn't spend that much time on it. Spanking is where it's at, man!

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