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Spankanime 3 by Viklay

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animated paddling by viklay

© by Viklay. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/18/2013.

We know relatively little about the artist Viklay except that his real name is Alex - he tells us very little about himself, making no journal entries on DeviantArt and even disabling comments there. Somewhere we picked up the idea that he might have been a Czech, although we now believe he resides in Siberia of all places, so we were reminded that we had several examples of his work in our files by our current series on Neprakta in the Humor Gallery and we decided to do a short series on him here.

This animation is actually not very typical of Viklay, whose faces are generally quite distinctive with large, expressive eyes, for we don't even get to see our spankee's face here as she bends over to receive the paddle. But there are very few times we're not interested in seeing a spankee bend over for swats, and if her positioning doesn't let us see her face, Viklay made up for that by anthropomorphizing the paddle of all things. (The etymology of the word "animate", by the way: to bring to life). He looks pretty happy, and we can't blame him!

The swats seem fairly effective, although we don't know of any cases in which you can actually see the spankee blushing through her slacks, as we do here at the moment of impact.

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