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Tiptopper sent us this one from his personal collection and also provided some further information on Diana Press, which published both this book and Hard Hand Strong Paddle:

"I also have another book entitled Spanking Anecdota also published by Diana Press and the cover drawing appears to be the same artist. The address of Diana Press was 74 Montgomery Street, Jersey City 2, NJ which was also the address of the famous Nutrix company of the 1950's which published much fetish material."

This is a pretty decent drawing from our unknown artist, with fair bending-over hands-on-the-table position (should be bending a little further) and well-defined buttocks providing a good target for the paddle, which he apparently drew without a model because the only round-handled ones we've ever seen were custom built and not standard fraternity/sorority issue. If you look closely, you'll see some "stinging effect" lines indicating this pledge has already received at least one swat.

book cover with one sorority girl paddling another book cover with one sorority girl paddling another

Spanking Anecdota. From the collection of Tiptopper. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/15/2012 (click to triple-size).

I've never done an article on Nutrix or discussed them in any detail, partly because I don't have any information not available to others who have already written about them and partly because I don't have all that much interest in them - early purveyors of B & D though they were, they really weren't very good at it and some very bad characters were involved in their dealings. At one point Irving Klaw apparently became mixed up with them. Why? Notice the New Jersey address: it was close to New York, yet outside its jurisdiction, and this was important because in the United States censorship was always considered a matter for the local police and not the Federal Government (the one exception being sending obscene materials through the mail, a rather serious crime Klaw was always afraid of being charged with). Interested readers may want to consult Jim Linderman's posts mentioning Nutrix on his blog Vintage Sleaze, for example Bettie Page's bondage work for Irving Klaw.

Thanks to Tiptopper for providing us with this better-than-average example of 50's spanking erotica.

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