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Eric Stanton is one of the best-known artists in the history of D/S illustration, coming up in the 1950's with guys like Gene Bilbrew. Because his primary focus is femdom B & D rather than M/F spanking, he hasn't appeared in CSR until now, but what we have here is most unusual: two previously unseen (on the web) M/F spankings by Stanton.

Our friend Jim Linderman sent us these early and unsigned Stanton illustrations. They were published in a late 1950s digest called Paula's Agony by "Mitchel Paton" (a pseudonym) and printed by a loose collection of minor mobsters, including Eddie Mishkin, in New York City. Mishkin testified in congressional censorship hearings on the very same day as Irving Klaw, patron of Bettie Page and other fetish pinup models. The 80-page book was originally published in a print run of only 1000 copies, so very few remain today.

Stanton here uses the OTK position, something that was unusual for him. Also unusual are the "boyshort" panties which we thought only became common in recent years and which we strongly dislike. All in all, a perfectly good spanking drawing of considerable historical interest given Stanton's reputation in the realm of D/S art.

stanton spanking from Paula's agony

Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/11/2011

Stanton's early style, as seen here, was different than his more familiar later one. Below you can see two examples from "Deborah" for comparison purposes.
stanton drawing from deborah

Deborah, by Eric Stanton (Web-Ed's collection).

stanton drawing from deborah

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