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This is the second of the two previously unseen M/F spankings by Eric Stanton that were sent to us by Jim Linderman. This is perhaps the more interesting of the two, as the spanker is using a rope as a spanking implement and the spankee is wearing an evening gown. Ropes were sometimes used for corporal punishment aboard ships, but are very rare in modern-day spanking play (they would have to be used carefully and even then would be difficult to control). As to the clothing, we seem to remember Stanton using mostly either fetish wear or casual street clothes, unlike Bill Ward, who of course drew innumerable pairs of satin-encased hips. The gown works well here, lending the spankee some elegance and helping to define her buttocks.

These drawings have not been seen for over 50 years, nor have they ever appeared on the web. Linderman runs the Vintage Sleaze blog which profiles cartoonists, writers and proprietors of smut from the 1950s and 1960s, and he has published several books which may be of interest to CSR readers, including The Dangerous Years: Gene Bilbrew, Justin Kent, Eddie Mishkin and the Mob and The Thousand Dollar Book: Smut and the Milwaukee Arrest for Obscenity 1957 (both of which tell the story of books published by Mishkin and reprint novels in full.) Camera Club Girls and Shy Shamed Secret Shadowed Hidden are his vintage erotic photography books.

Linderman has many interests but spanking is not one, so he sent these our way. Thanks, Jim!

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stanton spanking 2 from Paula's agony

Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/11/2011

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