little pigs spanking machine

When you think about it, spanking machines are one of the more perverse inventions in human history - so let's take a look at some!

This first example, featuring the three little pigs, is from a children's book published back in the 60's. It is highly doubtful such a scene would appear in a children's book today, but it is interesting as an indicator of the widespread acceptance of spanking at that time.

spanking machine from wicked wanda This next one looks like it came from the old "Oh Wicked Wanda!" strip in Penthouse magazine, and appears to have been fully painted (by Ron Embleton, if we remember correctly). This machine is controlled by a button on the desk, which is convenient, but the spankee needs to be under the desk to be positioned correctly. This seems odd, but we don't have the original context.
spanking from a japanese cartoon Some spanking/flogging machines have actually been built, but as we favor the "hands-on" approach to corporal discipline, we've never had that much interest in them. They do, however, lend themselves fairly well to certain fantasy situations, like this one from a Japanese cartoon in which a pretty female villainess receives her just desserts. Since this cartoon was in Japanese, we're not sure exactly what was going on, but it's fair to say she's going to get a goodly number of swats! One hint to any engineers out there who might be planning to design a spanking machine of their own: don't deliver the strokes in a downward direction. Either use a mechanical spanking arm that delivers a level stroke, or if a "wheel" design is employed, it should rotate in the direction opposite to that pictured here, to make sure the swat tends to lift the seat upward. [12/20/2013 Update: we later identified this cartoon. You can see it along with a paddling, a caning, and sundry techniques of humiliation in Zenderman Spanking].

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