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Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/14/2014 (click to double-size).

Recently we saw Hunter vs. Rogue, and we have now a similar work from the same artist, Sgratt (a/k/a Klauth). As we're currently in the middle of Romantic Spanking Month (Feb. 2014), we'd like to think this scene counts as romantic by the standards of whatever species we're looking at, but we have a hunch it may be more disciplinary than anything else. There is certainly a M/F dynamic in play, and Klauth includes some subtle details that differentiate the sexes: the spanker is larger, has much bigger teeth, and has a bony ridge above his eyes (all male characteristics in hominids and/or apes, by the way). There's also a definite glow around the spankee's bottom that indicates the spanker's huge hand is getting the message across.

Good work again from Sgratt, who unfortunately posted his brief notes on this in Italian, which we had some trouble translating. We believe they indicated there was some kind of reckoning of the accounts between these two characters.

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