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Steve Barkin Spanks Shego

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We continue our Kim Possible Series with Kim's cast of characters, this time featuring Shego getting spanked by Steve Barkin, who's a substitute teacher at Middleton High School which Kim attends. That's a pretty remote connection between the characters, and we have no idea how they met. However, they both seem pretty eager for the spanking - perhaps Shego always fantasized about being spanked by a teacher or other authority figure.

Good OTK positioning, with an unusual implement, the wooden spoon or spatula, being employed. Unfortunately, since this drawing isn't signed and imitating the character models tends to hide the artist's own style, we're not absolutely sure whom to credit for this very nice scene although we believe he goes by the pen name of Col. Kink. We found this on a porn site called Rule34.

steve barkin spanks shego

Steve Barkin spanks Shego. Art believed to be by Col. Kink. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/20/2014.

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