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Teacher Gets A Spanking

old 50's girl/girl bondage spanking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/14/2011

This one is called "Teacher Gets A Spanking" and it does indeed appear that teacher is getting spanked, whether by the principal or an irate parent isn't clear. While we don't know where we picked it up, the artist is clearly Alazar, who's best known for his bondage work but who like all bondage artists features the occasional spanking. This is a nice OTK scene with what appears to be a student perhaps enjoying seeing the tables turned on his teacher.

01/28/2011 Update: Wolfie informs us that this drawing appeared in Alazar's collection Big Top Bondage. We remember seeing it when it came out but never actually owned a copy. fanz123 further let us know that this was actually the teacher's husband spanking her in front of her class, because she left him to go back to her mother without talking to him first. The class got to count her spanks up to 30!

Thanks to Wolfie and fanz123 for providing this information.

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