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pilgims get together with indians for thanksgiving spanking

Artist unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/27/2015 .

Why fight when there's spanking to be done? Indians and Pilgrims realize they can be friends, and what better way to seal a friendship than by spanking each other's women? (Beats spending six hours in the kitchen cooking up a big feast if you ask us). And speaking of cooking, this seems like it could be a recipe for world peace. Good OTK positioning, bare bottoms, and of course its overall conception are its strong points.

This drawing turned up a few years ago on All Things Spanking. We couldn't make out the signature, but our long-time helper, Charlie, recognized it as belonging to Stephanie Burke. Stephanie has drawn a lot of spanking art, both M/F and F/F, including quite a bit for Nu-West back in the 80's. Because that material is still technically under copyright, I haven't reprinted any of it on CSR, although someday I'm going to reveal the identity of her Nu-West colleague G. Fort which will require reprinting some of his stuff (it's been all over the internet anyway).

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