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the devil spanks his wife by aron nagy

"The Devil Beats His Wife" as it was titled by the artist, Aron Nagy. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/19/2012 (click to increase in size).

We're pretty sure we first saw this on The Spanking Blog earlier this year and decided to save it for Halloween. The artist is Aron Nagy, a/k/a "Garbages" on DeviantArt, and this depiction of the Devil spanking his wife was apparently inspired by an old Hungarian proverb, of all things. Nagy has a very individual style as you can see, and when applied to this rather unusual subject matter it resulted in a unique work of spanking art - his only one as far as we know, which is a pity given how well this one turned out.

We'd expect the Devil to enjoy giving his wife a spanking, but from smiling expression on her face it appears she's ... enjoying it too! And some of you female CSR readers - yes, you! - we can tell you're imagining yourselves in her place, getting your bare bottoms warmed by old Nick. How bad you are to have such thoughts! You deserve a good spanking to teach you to mend your ways ...

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