spanking pubilicity still from the movie This Is The Life
"This Is The Life" - if by that they mean bending a pretty girl over a table for a paddling, then it sure as hell is! Unfortunately, as we have noted elsewhere, these Hollywood spanking publicity stills were basically dishonest misrepresentations of the actual movie content. Rarely did the film ever contain anything resembling the spankings in the photos.
We haven't been able to screen this 1944 musical, so we can't be certain, but we doubt that Donald O'Connor actually paddles Susanna Foster (we think that's the young lady bent over the table). O'Connor went on to fame in a number of films during the 1950's, most notably MGM's Singin' In The Rain. By the way, take a look at the expressions on the faces of the other five young people in this picture: the three girls seem perfectly content to watch their friend get spanked, while the boy in the upper r.h. corner looks eager to apply a few swats himself. The last kid is looking at O'Connor, even though from his vantage point he has a good view of the intended target - makes you wonder.

02/14/2008 update - Richard, at The House of Richard Windsor, saw this page, and informs us the paddling really did take place! See an actual clip of it on his blog here . O'Connor even encourages the other kids to take turns applying the paddle!

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