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tied over a chair for the whip

Artist unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/16/2012 (click to increase in size).

Another one from Jim Linderman's blog Vintage Sleaze. This artist also resembles Stanton, and once again we don't know who he is. This is basically good bending-over position, although the spankee's knees are slightly bent and should be perfectly straight. With her head up and back arched, she's well-positioned to receive the paddle, strap, belt, or cane - unfortunately, the artist or whoever employed him decided to use a whip instead. We have a very strong dislike of whips, which are not traditional spanking implements because they're very hard to control and can easily do a lot of damage.

The whip did seem to appear in a lot of 1950's BDSM stuff, for what reason is still not clear to us. We have seen some other instances of whips from, for example, Nights of Horror, and we'll be presenting some of Joe Shuster's art for that particular series next year.

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