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tiffany spanked for overdue book

Lindsay gives Tiffany a taste of the tawse for for returning a book late. Art by Wolfie. Click to increase in size.

We're going to present a brand-new, never-before-seen, world-premiere by Wolfie in a moment, but in order to put it into context we need to revisit this scene from Wolf City in which librarian Lindsay takes the tawse to Tiffany. As Wolfie puts it, "You'd feel quite sorry for her, if you didn't know that this was her sixth late book this year… ;-)". Yes, it seems Tiffany keeps these books overdue on purpose, knowing that even though it's not officially sanctioned, girlie spanking is the punishment prescribed by Lindsay.

Longtime CSR readers should know who Wolfie is (Wolfie138 on the CSR Forum). We've always had a particular fondness for this drawing, perhaps because the bending-over-a-table positioning is so good with head up and back arched, or because Tiffany's fanny is so round, or because of the delicious red-stripes upon it - or maybe all three!

tiffany takes post-spanking self-portrait

Art by Wolfie. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/30/2014 (Click to increase in size).

O.K., now let's see Wolfie's brand-new follow-up scene: it seems that Tiffany has been moved to to take a self-portrait using her smart phone and emphasizing the smarting portion of her anatomy, with the aid of a mirror in the wash room. We like the pose - it reminds us of some of the examples we've posted in Humorama Spanking Positions. Tiffany had better be careful, though - you know how digital pictures sometimes have the habit of going "viral," and this is one she probably wouldn't want to see on one of those personal web portals! No doubt Tiffany only intends to share it with someone special.

Thanks to Wolfie for allowing us to host the premiere of this work, which will presently take its place in Wolf City.

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