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girl touches her toes for female caner

Touch your toes, dear - you're getting six of the best! Artist unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/12/2012 (click to increase in size).

This one came to us by way of Jim Linderman's invaluable blog Vintage Sleaze. It has probably only appeared there prior to its posting here on CSR because Linderman has one of the very few extant copies of the book in which it was originally published. Jim is interested in every sort of "men's interest" publication from the past, but spanking means nothing to him, whereas our principal and in most cases sole interest in vintage publications such as the Humorama digests is the spanking. That means our two areas of interest sometimes overlap, as they do here and as we saw with two early works of Eric Stanton, Spanking #1 and Spanking #2. (For more information, readers may consult Jim's books).

This artist certainly resembles Stanton, but it could be someone else who was heavily influenced by him. Stanton is a legend among D/S artists, although to be honest we've never cared for his work that much. Whoever the artist was, he had a little trouble with the perspective as we view the canee from something approaching a side view, and so her left leg appears shorter than her right. Also, the cane (which is drawn looking something like a yardstick) seems to have bounced up after striking the target, which is possible, and then somehow come down again in less than a second, which is not. We do like the touching toes position a lot, so we'll count that as a big plus here.

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