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xena spanks gabrielle

Art by Endart. Characters © Universal Television Enterprises LLLP. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/15/2012. (Click to increase in size).

Xena: Warrior Princess was a successful syndicated TV series (1995 - 2001) that was spun off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Not being much of a TV buff, we paid scant attention to either, but each show certainly captured the attention of a few spankos! Endart, who has since retired from the spanking art scene, did two drawings with Xena which we'll look at now.

First, Xena decides some discipline is in order for her good friend Gabrielle, and we certainly can't disagree! Good OTK positioning, shapely bottom, and subtle rose-colored shadings make this one of Endart's better endeavors along this line.

xena spanks gabrielle

Art by Endart. Characters © Universal Television Enterprises LLLP. (Click to increase in size).

Perhaps not long afterward, judging by the fact that Gabrielle is still rubbing her bottom, Endart's successful character Pamalee Henderson (based on Pamela Anderson - thanks for reminding us, Willjohn) decides that Xena herself could benefit from the same treatment, and once again, who are we to disagree? Especially since we like to see powerful women humbled by being spanked, although for maximum effect the spanker should be male. The use of a hairbrush ensures that even the mighty Xena will soon be forced to concede the victory to Pammy.

Endart did perhaps a wider variety of spanking art than eny other single artist. Everything from OTK hand spankings to bending-over paddlings, from everyday schoolgirls to spoiled superheroines could be found in his work. We didn't post any of it until recently since it was available through his own pay site, but since it's closed down now we'll feature some of his art on CSR.

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