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doug barling paddles sally rendigs U of Kansas delta paddle party in 1954

Happy faces all around as Doug Barling prepares to swat Sally Rendigs. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/10/2015.

Richard Windsor is one of the few people outside ourselves who searches for original spanking material, in his case usually photographs. He has uncoverd a whole slew of vintage sorority paddling photos, and this is perhaps our favorite. It is believed to show a "paddle party" (great idea!) from the University of Kansas in 1954 (which fraternity or sorority sponsored it is not known). One Doug Barling is about to give Sally Rendig a good swat with his paddle. You have to love the happy expressions here, and it looks like a semi-competent paddling technique is to be employed. We wish we could find Sally today and ask her if that swat was a good one!

Many more vintage sorority paddling photos can be found by following the above link, as Richard has grouped them all together.

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