Spank with Style

van heusen shirt ad with well-dressed man spanking his woman

To conclude our short series on the use of spanking in advertising, we have this oft-reprinted ad from Van Heusen shirts. "It's daring! It's audacious! It's the bolder look in shirts!" the ad proclaims. And how do we know our man is the bold and daring type? He spanks his woman, who seems quite impressed with his firm resolution! Note how lovingly she's hanging on to him in the third panel. This is the sexiest of the three ads, and therefore the best. Ads like this would still sell the product today, if only modern ad agencies and corporations had the guts to run them.

funbun's modification Here we have another of Funbun's modifications. The panel has been reversed, the bottom rounded, bared, and reddened - excellent! Nothing proves his boldness like baring her bottom for spanking. You couldn't pull this off in an ad, but it does make the situation even sexier.

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