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Velma Spanks Daphne, by Kevin S. Walsh

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In considering the two Scooby-Doo girls, it's rather surprising that Velma has probably been pictured as a spankee as often as Daphne since in the cartoons Daphne is portrayed as the sexy one. In this drawing both girls are featured with a slenderized, re-costumed Velma spanking Daphne. The outstanding features here are Daphne's bottom raised as high in the air as it could possibly be and her supremely submissive expression and posture. Obviously, she has no problem at all with being tied up and spanked. It goes without saying that we'd rather see Freddy or even Shaggy doing the spanking, but this is a good piece even if F/F.

Kevin S. Walsh, or TDKev, is an artist of considerable imagination who has worked extensively in the fetish/BDSM area, sometimes intersecting as it does with the realm of spanking. Walsh often favors a wardrobe of tight-fitting latex articles and is no stranger to bondage situations. For some reason, his non-spanking scenes often have expressive, even expressionistic, backgrounds that his spanking work usually lacks.

kevin walsh art velma spanks daphne

Art by Kevin Walsh. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/06/2012.

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